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12th April
Posted on 12th April, 2012 by Francesca

Having moved over to our new site there a number of different things that you will have noticed; the first being the fresh new look. Totally different from the look on our old site, the new Sundance Spas site has a new look and feel about it. With a white background instead of the dark background on our old site, we feel like the site is more appealing and easier on the eye if you’re just having a browse for a new hot tub.

If that is what you’re doing, searching for a new hot tub, then you will like the new lay out of the site and also realise how easy it is to navigate around the site. When you first go on the site you will notice the ‘Find a Dealer’ tab on the right hand side. This will help you to locate your nearest stockist of the great Sundance Spas.

It’s the little things like this that we believe will keep our customers happy; knowing they’re just a click away from finding their nearest supplier or Sundance Spas and then only moments away from purchasing their very own spa.

The belief behind a Sundance Spa is that it will relax, release stress and also promote the overall well-being of a person; well that is what we hope our new site does, too. We know how difficult it can be to purchase a hot tub if you do not know all of the facts and we also know what it can be like when you visit a website and it’s challenging to navigate around it and learn all the info that you need.

This is why with our new site design we have gone for bigger, more aesthetically pleasing tabs which will take you to the internal pages so that you can find out more about your dream hot tub.

So we hope you like the new site and we hope that you find it a stress free experience and don’t have any problems when it comes to choosing your new hot tub!

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