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22nd May
Posted on 22nd May, 2018 by Francesca


It was a long drawn out cold and wet winter that never seemed to end and now we are nearly at the end of May but what a change in the weather we have had; beautiful wall to wall sunshine and not just for one isolated day.


Balloon Sundset View from Hot Tub
I don’t know about you but this weather has definitely had us out in the garden after work and at the weekend.  In fact I’m not sure our garden has had so much attention in years.  We have been so glad or our hot tub to soak our aching gardening muscles and we have managed to enjoy some incredible sunsets.


 Many of you are like us and are seasoned hot tub users but even the most experienced of hot tub owners can let their hot tub maintenance slide.  Our busy lives and work schedules just get in the way sometimes.


Here are our top 3 hot tub checklist tips:


  • Chemical Balance – we all know it is important to have the correct level of chemical sanitiser in the water whether it be bromine, chlorine or oxygenating but what we must also ensure is that our pH balance is correct.  The pH of your hot tub water should be between 7.2 and 7.6.  This ensures that your sanitiser is at its most efficient any lower and the water becomes acidic, this can cause corrosion to seals.  Any higher and you can develop a calcium scale both internally in the pipework and externally on the shell.

  • Cover Condition – the average hot tub cover weighs around 30kg which is easily manageable with two people.  If you are thinking that your cover seems heavy it might be time for a new one.  Only the other day we had to chop up an old cover in order to lift it as it had become so heavy.  To keep your vinyl supple and water proof you should treat with protectant spray.
  • Filters – an average pleated hot tub filter will last a good 12 months if maintained well and cleaned monthly.  If you have a Sundance Spas hot tub some of the filters are disposable and need to be replaced every 3 or 6 months.  Time passes by quickly and it is easy to forget to replace your filter.  The filters can get blocked over time which then puts unnecessary pressure on the pumps.  Check when you last changed yours.


If you are ever in doubt or are struggling to keep on top of your hot tub maintenance we are here to help.  Call 01260 281491 or email for advice.


What does it mean to upgrade your hot tub? 


Your Sundance Spas hot tub was designed and built to last a lifetime which is great; a lifetime of de-stressing hydrotherapy in the comfort of your own home.  If you think you are missing out on the latest gadget or technology, there are a number of things you can do to upgrade:


  • Upgrade your filter with the latest genuine Sundance Spas filter - make sure you have the cleanest water with as little chemical as possible
  • Upgrade your cover and/or fit a cover lifter to ensure ease of use – don’t give yourself back ache with an old and heavy cover
  • Upgrade your old ozone generator with the new Clearray UV water treatment system - proven to reduce chemical usage and keep the water cleaner with no by-products
  • Upgrade your stereo system to our new Bluewave Bluetooth compatible system – enables you to stream music from your own device
  • Upgrade your model by trading in your spa for the latest Sundance Spas model – treat yourself!


Finance Options


Our brand has been designed to encompass ease of use, energy efficiency, style and comfort with a massage delivery second to none.  We make the delivery and installation easy and stress free.  We now offer a number finance options in order to make the purchase easy and stress free too.



If you would like any further information or advice on the topics above or any other hot tub related query you know what to do.  Call 01260 281491 or email

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21st November
Posted on 21st November, 2016 by Francesca

Are you thinking about buying a hot tub? 

Maybe you have been on holiday where a hot tub was available to use and you enjoyed it so much you would like one in your garden to use all the time.  Or maybe you have a friend with one and you like the idea but you’re not sure if it is for you so you are carrying out some of your own research.  You may have problems with your health and found the spending time in warm water helps.  Whatever your reasons it can be a daunting task selecting the perfect hot tub partner for you and your family.


There is no doubt about it hot tubs have been a popular addition to gardens throughout the UK with 10% of households in the country owning one.  With upwards of 30 different brands of hot tub available to choose from, how do you know which brand is the right one for you?


Researching Hot Tub Brands - Online


If you type “what hot tub brand should I buy” into Google you are provided with a number of sites that provide you with hints, tips and things to consider before making a purchase so read them.  Most reputable brands and independent hot tub businesses will provide some form of information on their websites about their brand and things to think about.


Researching Hot Tub Brands – Instore


Now that you have familiarised yourself with some of the brands take a look to see what is available in your local area.  Most hot tub outlets will travel 30-50 miles to an installation.  This is a suitable distance to maintain good after sales customer service.


Make a Short List


Visit the hot tub outlets that stock the brand/brands you are more interested in to find out more about the brand and the company.  Remember, a well established hot tub outlet with good support from the manufacturer and good after sales care is as important as the hot tub brand.


Have you thought about why you want a hot tub?


This question is something to think about as it is likely to affect your choice of size, the amount you wish to spend and the features available.



Hot Tub Stress Relief




Making a Purchase

Whilst hot tubs are available to buy online it is good idea to see brand and company you are buying from in person.  A good hot tub outlet with good customer service will put together a package specifically for you.  This will include as much or as little as you need.  It may include the concrete base, electrical supply or other ground work as well as your hot tub, starter chemicals, steps, cover lifter.  They will be able to visit your home to see where you would like your hot tub situated and ensure that on the day of installation everything goes smoothly.  They will be able to advise you on the location of the hot tub within your garden, the size and shape suitable for you and your family. 


Questions to ask


  • What kind of warranty does the brand come with?

All Sundance Spas hot tubs come with a well supported manufacturer’s warranty that provides up to 10yrs cover on the shell and 2yrs on cabinetry, jets, equipment, controls, plumbing and cover.  All parts and labour costs are covered.  Most other brands will come with something similar but remember the warranty is only as good as the ability of the manufacturer to support it.

  • What are the approximate running costs?

The running costs will vary depending on the hot tub insulation, the type of electrical connection, how often it is being used, the quality of the insulation cover and hot tub build.  All Sundance Spas hot tubs have a Rigid Bond™ shell construction, full foam insulation, a 1.5 pound foam density cover, efficient jet pumps.

  • How easy is it to maintain?

All hot tubs require some form of maintenance with the regular addition of chemicals.  The key is finding a hot tub with excellent water filtration and purification systems built in so that the amount of maintenance and addition of chemicals you are required to do is minimal

  • What size is suitable for me?

You need to think about how many people are going to be using the the hot tub together on a regular basis.  If you are planning to party with your friends then an open seated large hot tub will be for you.  If it is just you and your husband/wife/partner then perhaps a smaller hot tub model with a lounger may be more suitable.  Think about the height of your family member too.  You will all need room to stretch out and relax

  • Brand new or pre-owned

If you are choosing a quality brand then you may be able to grab yourself a bargain with a pre-owned model.  Reputable hot tub outlets will provide an in house warranty for the first 6 months.Pre-Owned 880 Series Optima

  • Payment options

You will most likely be required to pay a deposit at the point of ordering with the balance due just before or on the day of delivery.  Ask if your hot tub outlet provides finance options.  You may get the opportunity to take advantage of buy now pay later or interest free finance.


Try before you buy


You are about to make a considerable investment if you are unsure ask if you can have a try.  If you don’t fancy taking a dip at your local showroom at least take a seat in a dry model.  Some years ago I wanted to purchase a new car, I had my mind made up on a particular brand and model and so one Saturday afternoon I went out to make my purchase.  When I got to the showroom I was offered a test drive so just to enjoy the experience I agreed.  The car I had my heart set on didn’t live up to my expectations.  I couldn’t get comfortable in the seat and didn’t enjoy the experience at all.  This brand just wasn’t for me.


Good luck with your purchase and if you are local to us then pop in a look and we will be happy to show you are brand and answer any questions you may have.

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19th November
Posted on 19th November, 2016 by Francesca

Hot Tub, Jacuzzi, Spa, Whirlpool which is it?

Let’s set the record straight. 

According to the Oxford English Dictionary online a hot tub is “a large tub filled with hot aerated water used by one or more people for recreation or physical therapy.” 

A spa on the other hand has a number of meanings such as “a mineral spring considered to have health-giving properties”; “a place or resort with a mineral spring”; “a commercial establishment offering health and beauty treatment through such means as steam baths, exercise equipment, and massage” and finally “a bath containing hot aerated water.” 

Water Whirlpool A whirlpool is defined as “a quickly rotating mass of water in a river or sea into which objects may be drawn, typically caused by the meeting of conflicting currents” or “a heated pool in which hot aerated water is continuously circulated.”

Looking at these definitions you can see why they all might be used to describe the same thing.  They are all directing us to use natural water therapies and massage to aid healing and relaxation.

Today the words or phrases hot tub, spa and whirlpool are interchangeable, with the former two being most popular.  We use them on a daily basis to describe a molded tub containing warm water and a jetting system that can be used for hydrotherapy, relaxation and socialising. 

There are many different brands of hot tub or spa available; Sundance Spas, Hotspring Spas and Jacuzzi are among the largest brands worldwide.  So, Jacuzzi is a brand of hot tub much like a Hoover is a brand of vacuum cleaner.

So where did the hot tub as we know it now begin? 

For centuries the human race has been aware that there are therapeutic and healing benefits to bathing in warm water.  Greeks, Romans and Egyptians all used the healing powers of water therapy but it wasn’t until the 1950s that the real seed was planted to today’s hot tub.  Two brothers with the surname Jacuzzi invented a pump capable or harnessing the power of water to help alleviate the symptoms of arthritis for a family member.  The pumps were then used to power small pools of warm water usually located at the end of a garden swimming pool. 

A few years further on (1979) and the start of Sundance Spas hot tubs began.  An acrylic molded spa with a water filtration system jets designed to target specific muscles groups was built.  Sundance Spas Aquajet Hot TubIt was called the AquaJet and provided hydrotherapy to patients who require rehabilitation following a trauma.  Since then Sundance Spas have been leading the way in hot tub design and technology with many industry firsts achieved.  Today 37 year on they still manufacture with the same 5 core values of Style, Comfort, Quality, Pure Water and Patented Hyrdrotherapy in mind.

If you want to find out more about the Sundance Spas hot tub models available please browse our site, call in for a chat or join our mailing list to keep up with the latest information on new products and special offers.

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22nd March
Posted on 22nd March, 2016 by Francesca

It’s hard to believe we are almost a quarter of the way through 2016.  With the first day of spring behind us and the Easter weekend in a few days, it’s time (if you haven't already!) to get out into your garden and start preparing for the Easter break and the summer.

If you are already the proud owner of a hot tub then it is probably time to give it the once over.  You may not have used it much over the winter so a good spring clean will be necessary.  Here is a quick guide on how to clean your hot tub.

Rubber Gloves

  • Remove the cover and check the stitching and handles for wear and tear.  Wash the underside with a very dilute bleach or chlorine solution.  This will kill and remove any mould spores.  Clean the exterior will a mild soap solution, taking care to rinse thoroughly.  Top tip, an old tooth brush is good for cleaning any dirt off the stitching.
  • We suggest adding a hot tub flush, such as AquaSparkle Hot Tub Flush, before draining the water this will clear out your pipes of any build-up of calcium and biofilm.
  • Turn off the power to your hot tub.
  • Drain the water, this can be done by either using a submersible pump or the spas inbuilt drain valve.
  • Remove the headrests/pillows and wash with a mild soap solution, rinse thoroughly and allow to dry.
  • Remove the filter.  If you have a reusable pleated filter put this in to soak in a filter cleaner, such as AquaSparkle Filter Immerse.  Any Sundance Spas owners with  Microclean 1 filters older than 3 months old should replace these.  Microcleanplus filters older than 9 months should also be disposed and replaced and Microclean Ultra inner filters older than 6 months replaced.
  • The inside shell of the hot tub should be cleaned with a hot tub cleaner such as AquaSparkle Surface Cleaner.  Use a soft none abrasive cloth to apply and remove any water or scum lines.  Rinse thoroughly and remove as much of the dirty water as possible.
  • If you cabinetry is synthetic this can be cleaned with a soft cloth and mild soap solution.
  • Refill with fresh water, insert your cleaned or new filter and switch on the power.
  • Check your chemical levels and adjust as necessary.
  • Before replacing the cleaned pillows and cover, treat with a protectant such as Aerospace 303.  This will help seal and protect from chemicals and the weather.  You can give your cabinet a once over with the cloth used to apply to the 303 to the pillows and cover.

If this all seems a bit much and you just want to jump into the clean, warm bubbling waters and relax then why not take advantage of our popular Spring Clean Service offer.  For just £199.00 we will give your hot tub a thorough clean and once over for you.

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23rd November
Posted on 23rd November, 2015 by Francesca

Black Friday is only a few days away and we are excited to say Cheshire’s premier hot tub store Alfresco Life is taking part!

Black Friday

Working together with our Sundance Spas UK supplier we will be offering thousands of pounds worth of discounts across our 880, 780 and 680 series ranges of spas.  Our Black Friday hot tub discounts will go live at 9am on Friday 27 November 2015 and continue through the weekend until 3pm on Monday 30 November.  You don’t have to wait until Friday to find out about our hot tubs and availability; just call 01260 281491 for more information or call into our showroom at Congleton Garden Centre.  We will be open late on Thursday 26 November for the Christmas Extravaganza and light switch on.

Never before have Sundance Spas been offered for sale with such discounts.  Orders must be placed between 9am on Black Friday and 3pm on Cyber Monday.  Secure your Sundance Spas hot tub with a small deposit in store or by calling 01260 281491.

Delivery is to be taken on stock items before 18 December 2015.  If for any reason you are unable to take delivery before Friday 18 December we will be able to store your hot tub for an agreed period of time as long as the balance is paid in full.  If your preferred model or colour combination isn’t in stock the deadline for delivery has been extended to 26 January to allow for shipping.

All orders will be subject to a site survey prior to delivery.

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19th November
Posted on 19th November, 2015 by Francesca

Black Friday has become one of the biggest and most anticipated shopping events of the year and it's only just over a week away.  This year is only the second commercialised Black Friday in the UK and so is set to be a big occassion.


Black Friday Banner


We have seen consumers fighting over handbags and falling over televisions, in order to ensure they get the bargains they are after.  It is safe to say that even the most dedicated bargain hunters and shopaholics are overwhelmed by the amount of jaw-dropping deals on offer.  So here at Alfresco Life we’re getting in on the action with Sundance Spas!

You may have dreamt about having a hot tub in your garden or on your decking, now it could be time to take the plunge and treat yourself, as this Black Friday we are offering our Sundance Spas with the most exciting discounts.

The Christmas period is approaching quickly too, many of us will be entertaining friends and family for merry festivities.  What better way to entertain than keeping warm in a luxurious hot tub?  The winter months are the perfect time to own an enviable winter accessory for your home.

It just happens that this year's Black Friday coincides with the Christmas Extravaganza event in Congleton Garden Centre on the eve of Black Friday.  It is set to be a magical evening with the Christmas light switch on and the arrival of Santa into his grotto. Have you been naughty or nice?  Maybe we can help Santa make your dreams come true this year.

Our unbelievable deals will only be available from our showroom over the Black Friday weekend, until Monday 30th November. So come on down to your nearest to find out more information and to browse our stunning selection.

Happy browsing!

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17th November
Posted on 17th November, 2014 by Francesca

Your hot tub cover is a vital part of your hot tub.  When you’re not soaking in the relaxing warm waters of your hot tub the cover is keeping the heat in and the weather and other debris out.  Your hot tub cover is fighting the elements all year round from hot glorious sunshine to cold winds, rain and snow.

The changes in the weather can dry the marine grade vinyl of your cover making it brittle and susceptible to cracking or splitting.  Fortunately it isn’t difficult to maintain your hot tub cover.Maintaining your Hot Tub Cover

Cleaning your Hot Tub Cover

Using a mild diluted detergent and a non-abrasive cloth clean off any dirt, sap from nearby trees or lichen that maybe present on the external surface of your cover.  Rinse with clean water and dry thoroughly with a soft cloth.

Conditioning your Hot Tub Cover

Now that your cover is clean and dry you need to condition it using a vinyl protectant such as Aerospace 303 Protectant.  The protectant bonds onto the vinyl surface of your cover and protects against UV rays, cracking and fading as well as helping to repel water.303 Hot Tub Cover Protectant

Cleaning the Internal Surface of your Hot Tub Cover

Usually the internal surface of your hot tub cover should remain free from dirt however if you notice a moldy or musty smell or see any dirt or mold on this surface then remove the cover and treat with a dilute chlorine or bleach solution.  Rinse thoroughly with clean, fresh water and dry with a soft cloth.  Do not use any household cleaning products on this surface.

While you are cleaning your cover it is good practice to check the security clips are in good order and replace any if necessary.  If your hot tub is located in an exposed area susceptible to gusts of wind if may be advisable to invest in some extra hot tub security straps.

If you follow these simple instructions every 6-12 weeks your cover will look like new and maintain its heat retaining properties for longer.

Andy’s Top Tip:  Keep a cloth impregnated with protectant solution in a sealed bag, such as a sandwich bag, ready for use.

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17th November
Posted on 17th November, 2014 by Francesca

Autumn has been late to show its face this year.  We have been spoilt with warmer, drier weather for longer and it was a bit of a shock when the tail winds of Hurricane Gonzola swept over us at the end of October.  The leaves were suddenly forced to leave the trees and now that we are into November we have seen a significant amount of rain and somewhat cooler temperatures than we have grown accustomed too.

So now that we are into autumn and with winter approaching what should you be doing to prepare your hot tub for autumn and winter? 

Firstly you need to decide whether you are going to be using your hot tub over the winter months.  There is nothing better than slipping into a steaming hot tub on a crisp winter evening.  The warm water will melt your aches, pains and stresses away and challenge mother nature’s coldest season. 

If that is not for you then you may need to consider winterising you hot tub instead.  Whatever you decide to do, before draining down, you should take the opportunity to clean out the internal workings of your hot tub using a degreasing and descaling agent such as AquaSparkle Hot Tub Flush

If you have decided you are going to winterise you hot tub you can follow our simple instructions that can be found here.

If you are going to indulge in some hot tub relaxation over the winter months then proceed as follows:

  • Leave your hot tub to soak overnight with hot tub flush
  • Drain the water from your spa and remove  the filter
  • If appropriate soak you filter in a suitable filter cleaner such as AquaSparkle Filter Immerse.  NB filters such as the Sundance Spas Microclean I, Microclean II and Microclean Ultra Inner will not need to be soaked.
  • Use a non-abrasive cloth and appropriate hot tub surface cleaner to clean and polish the internal shell of your hot tub.
  • Remove your pillows or headrests and clean with a mild soapy water and rinse thoroughly.
  • Replace your filter and fill your hot tub with clean fresh water.
  • Switch on you hot tub and re-set your water chemistry.

Don’t forget to look after your hot tub cover.  A well maintained hot tub cover will ensure that heat loss from the water is minimal.

If you require any further information, help or advice on this subject please call 01260 28491.

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3rd April
Posted on 3rd April, 2014 by Francesca

It's officially the first day of Spring so it's time to Spring Clean your Hot Tub.

We think Spring has been here for a few weeks already with Daffodils popping their heads up and even the odd butterfly has been seen fluttering around in the garden. The nights are drawing out and the mornings are getting brighter if not a little fresh and occassionally frosty

It's time to stop hibernating and start spring cleaning; whether that be inside the house or out in the garden it needs to be done.

Weeding, pruning and having a general tidy around in the garden can be quite therapeutic. The best bit is sitting back and admiring your progress at the end of the day. It is good to do this with glass of wine which soothing aching muscles in your hot tub.

Giving your hot tub a spring clean is a must. You will be safeguarding your investment and ensuring it is in tip top condition for many years to come.

Your hot tub is used on a daily basis and is running 24hrs a day 7days a week, it provides you with stress relief and soothes tired and aching muscles. The water in your hot tub should be refreshed regularly. Most people will do this every 3-6 months and the give internal shell and pillows a bit of a wipe clean.

Here are some things to consider:

  • Do you give your hot tub a thorough clean and check inside and out once a year? You never know who might have taken up residence in your warm and dry hot tub cabinet.
  • Have you checked that your ozonator is still producing ozone? Ozone gas helps kill bacteria in your hot tub water.
  • If you hot tub is fitted with a Clearray UV water purification system, have you replaced your UV bulb in the last 12 months? UV-C rays stop bacteria replicating in your hot tub water.

If the answer to any of these questions is no then your hot tub is in need of a spring clean.>

From now until the end of April we are offering a special Spring Cleaning Service. Your hot tub will get a full service and technical service for £199.00* (ususally £295.00).

For further information on what is included in your service please click here.>

Let us look after your hot tubs so they can look after you.

* An additional mileage surcharge may apply, just ask on booking.

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10th January
Posted on 10th January, 2014 by Francesca

As detoxing tops New Year resolutions lists following the season of indulgence, more people are turning to hydrotherapy as it improves overall health and well-being.

Hydrotherapy has been around for centuries, with the ancient Egyptians infusing their bathing water with essential oils and Romans who built communal public baths for their citizens. The practice of healing with water forms an integral part of traditional medicine practices.

Hot tubs are one of the most effective and accessible ways of incorporating hydrotherapy into your everyday life.  Leading Cheshire hot tub specialists, Alfresco Life, has compiled a list of health benefits achieved through the use of hydrotherapy – perfect for your 2014 detox.

Top five benefits of hydrotherapy:

  1. Boosts the immune system by increasing blood flow and circulation of white blood cells throughout the body and allows lymph, an immune system fluid which eliminates foreign cells and debris from the body, to be moved through the body more efficiently, therefore strengthening the immune system and helping to fight illnesses
  2. Reduces muscle tension and alleviates pain as the feeling of weightlessness while submerged in water relieves tension from limbs
  3. Supports aching muscles by stimulating the release of endorphins, which act as a natural pain reliever
  4. Rehabilitates injured muscles by being immersed in warm or hot water elevates the body temperature, increasing blood flow around the circulatory system, alleviating pain. The improved circulation aids injured tissues and rehabilitates damaged muscles or joints
  5. Stress relief through hydrotherapy can help to reduce blood pressure caused by stress, while slowing down the body’s reaction to anxiety and release ‘happy’ endorphins

Commenting on hydrotherapy’s health benefits, Francesca Squire, director at Alfresco Life, said: “We’ve been approached by many people looking to relieve pain from a variety of ailments, including arthritis and back pain, and evidence* has shown that incorporating hydrotherapy into a recovery plan has its benefits.
“Our 880 and 780 product series by Sundance Spas offers a unique approach to hydrotherapy as it has patented Fluidix jets which tailor massages to specific areas of the body and are positioned to maximise the effectiveness of each massage session.”

This article has been featured on the Woman's World website and can be viewed here

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20th December
Posted on 20th December, 2013 by Francesca

As the sixth series of Made in Chelsea continues to grace the small screen, more Brits are aspiring to live the high life, resulting in a surge of interest in hot tub purchases.

More than half a million viewers settled down to watch the premier of the BAFTA award winning sixth series, featuring the glamorous lifestyles of stars such as Spencer ‘Spennie’ Matthews and Binky Felstead.

The cast’s capers regularly feature indulgent getaways to idyllic retreats, where revelations and gossip are standard in the spa…as well as blossoming romances and foppish flirtations.

The series is one of a number of blockbuster reality TV shows, including TOWIE and I’m a Celebrity, to feature hot tubs as a central focus, representing the epitome of luxury living.

Cheshire-based hot tub specialist, Alfresco Life, has witnessed an increase in enquiries from those wishing to create their own slice of utopia in the privacy of their back gardens.

Commenting on this, Francesca Squire, director at Alfresco Life, said: “In an aspirational society, more people are wanting to replicate the lifestyles they see on screen, taking the concept of ‘having it all’ to a new level.

“Our 880 product series is able to offer this, with hydromassage jets and waterfall rises so you can relax as water cascades over your back and shoulders. Built-in spa stereo systems are also great for the ultimate party vibe.” 

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12th December
Posted on 12th December, 2013 by Francesca

As the nights are closing in and the landscape becomes dusted with snow, what better time to soak in a hot tub and melt away the winter blues.

We’ve put together our top tips for making the most of the cold snap to ensure you enjoy hydrotherapy year-round.

Incorporate aromatherapy

Escape to a tropical oasis this winter by infusing your hot tub’s water with air-driven fragrances. Incorporating scents like SunScents Pina Colada or Tahitian Vanilla will create a relaxing aromatherapy experience that will take you away to a secret retreat.

Your favourite tunes, at an arm’s length

Adding music can make your soak more enjoyable, not only during the winter months, but any time of the year. Consider purchasing a hot tub with a built-in stereo system, like Sundance Spas as they offer Blue Wave Spa Stereo Systems, with Bluetooth, USB and AUX technology so you can enjoy the Christmas tunes straight from any mobile device.

Healing with hydrotherapy

Loosen up those stiff muscles with a dose of jet powered hydrotherapy. Hydrotherapy not only massages and relaxes aching muscles and joints, but it can also help relieve stress and boost your mood. Perfect for the post-Christmas blues.

Now that you know how to make the most of your soak this winter, grab your swimming costume and head outside!

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11th November
Posted on 11th November, 2013 by Francesca

 A hot tub isn't just a place to chill out in your back garden, it can work wonders on you aches and pains too.  After a long day on you feet, jumping into a hot tub and allowing the warm water from the hydrotherapy jets to soothe your tired legs or reflexology on sore feet is just the ticket.

In addition, it's not just tired legs that will benefit, a session is a hot tub can help alleviate the symptoms of a number or ailments from insomnia to arthritis.

Relaxing in a hot tub provides three elements that can have a positive effect on the body; bouyancy, heat and massage.  The water from the jets will loosen muscles, while doing mild stretches can improve flexibilty.  The 40 degree water stimulates the body making it release endorphines, the happy hormone, while the buoyancy takes the pressure off the limbs and joints and gives the feeling of weightlessness.

Studies* have shown that people who relax in a hot tub for 15-20 minutes before bedtime are more likely to have a restful night's sleep and regular use of a hot tub will relieve stress, improve blood circulation and reduce headaches.  It can even help alleviate the symptoms of type 2 diabetes by lowering blood sugar levels.

For pain relief or just simple relaxation, a Cheshire hot tub ticks all the boxes.

*National Sleep Foundation

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17th January
Posted on 17th January, 2013 by Francesca

Sundance Spas sets itself aside from the competition in a number of ways:

Low maintenance Spas

All of our Spas are crafted with the utmost care and attention so that they perform at the highest level on both the most basic and the most complex levels. On a very basic but necessary level, we painstakingly check all of our hot tubs for holes and leaks before we ship them, and of course we do a water test to check your garden hot tub is going to work properly and efficiently.

Advanced Technology

Here at Sundance Spas we like to stay at the cutting edge of hot tub technology. We have a great range of luxury hot tubs in a number of different sizes which can come fully loaded with easy access control panels, innovative therapy seats, MicroClean filters, Sentry Smart Heater and even an aromatherapy option. We even have built-in waterproof stereo systems so you can relax in style listening to your favourite music.


One of the fantastic things about buying from Sundance Spas is that you can customise and choose a luxury garden hot tub which suits your exact specifications. You can choose your ideal lighting, select the colours of both the acrylic tub and the cabinet, whether you want a bright and commanding statement piece or an understated, natural-looking corner hot tub. Also, don’t forget our great range of hot tub accessories which will make your hot tub even more individual. We have hot tub filters, hot tub steps, hot tub chemicals, hot tub covers and much, much more. Please contact us for a brochure, ring us on 01625 611118 or visit our Cheshire showroom for more information.

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19th November
Posted on 19th November, 2012 by Francesca

According to specialists, doing exciting things with your teenager might just be the best way to re-establish a relationship with them.  Everybody knows teenagers love to have parties in the hot tub, so why not join the 100,000 hot tub owners in the UK and let a garden hot tub be the exciting way you decide to spend time with your children? Many of the Sundance Spas hot tubs also come complete with in-built stereo-systems and atmospheric lighting systems to really get the party started.

Hot tubs are a fantastic place to relax your body and your mind.  

Whilst hot tubs are primarily known for their health benefits, they are also a wonderful place to forget about your worries and open up to each other. As matter of fact, listed parental bonding with teens as one of their top reasons to buy a hot tub.

If you’re looking for garden hot tubs or outdoor hot tubs suitable for you and your family, then you need look no further than Sundance Spas. We stock hot tubs designed for all different sizes of family, from two-seater hot tubs to eight-birth luxury spas.  

There’s also a fantastic range of hot tub accessories for sale at Sundance Spas. We can supply hot tub covers, filters and hot tub steps, which will ensure that your hot tub is accessible even to the smallest members of the family! You can visit our store for a more comprehensive list of luxury hot tubs for sale and what sort of hot tub accessories we have to offer. 

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25th September
Posted on 25th September, 2012 by Francesca

Many families prefer to use their hot tub when the weather is the coldest and plan holiday activities around the use of their spas.  A hot tub is designed for a range of ages, whether children or grandparents, everyone can enjoy a relaxing soak and gentle therapy.  The best hot tubs function as ideal settings during all seasons to bring family and friends together.


We recommend maintaining your spa even during the coldest winter months and here are a few reasons why:


  • Weather related pain: People with weather related pain suffer from intense joint discomfort during the cold seasons.  Submerging achy bones in a steamy hot tub is the ultimate means for alleviating that "Chilled to the bone" feeling.
  • Thrill factor: Sitting in hot bubbling water in the company of friends and family while snow is falling all around is exhilarating and delightful!Friends enjoying the 880 Aspen
  • Muscle soreness from winter sporting activities: Rugby, football or even a bit of sledging.  Most people will endure muscle pain after their first time partaking in winter sports and activities.  Hydro-massage can help beginner or advanced winter sports enthusiasts minimise sore muscles.
  • Winter blues: Some people experience a serous mood change when the seasons change.  They may sleep too much, have little energy and may also feel depressed during the winter.  Hot tubs conveniently located in the garden help get people outside in invigorating hot water, in social settings, enjoying the winter sunshine, diverting the urge to "hibernate" during the colder months.
Check you hot tub cover
When the weather is set to freeze it is wise that you check your hot tub cover for general signs of wear and tear.
Winter checks
 If you see signs of cracking or sagging your cover may not be insulating your hot tub as well as it should.  If you notice condensation or small pools of frozen water on the surface of your cover remove by splashing with warm water rather than scrapping at the ice.

Going away over the winter months?


Are you plannning to visit family or friends over the winter or simply heading off to warmer climates?  Will your spa be unused for a prolonged period during these cold months?  If this is the case you may consider having a winterising service performed.


Here at Sundance Spas we have a fantastic range of hot tub designs that will be the perfect addition to you home and garden.  We also provide an extensive range of after sales care and products to help you maintain your hot tub to the highest standard.

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5th July
Posted on 5th July, 2012 by Francesca

In previous years it was mainly celebrities being spotted bathing in their hot tubs, but it has been reported that increasing numbers of people earning all kinds of salaries are looking to invest in a hot tub for their home or garden.

This demand for hot tubs has been proven as the National Lottery Operator Camelot has announced that 29% of lottery winners make sure they purchase a hot tub with their winnings; but you don't have to win the lottery to owna hot tub!  There are a wid range of styles to choose from to suit all budgets.

Here are the benefits of owning your very own hot tub:



You may already like having a bath after a long day at work so why not take that to a more luxurious level by enjoying a relaxing soak in your hot tub, whilst enjoying the peace and quiet of the outdoors.  Yout Hot Tub could be fully out in the open or could have a gazebo style covering to keep it more private if you prefer.

 Sundance Spa Marin under gazebo


Spend more quality time with friends and family whilst relaxing with them and perhaps enjoying a chilled glass of wine, surrounded by bubbles!


Make the most of the weather

If you Hot Tub is outdoors you will be spending more time outside which will also help you appreciate your garden.  Although the sun may not always shine you can certainly make the most of your hot tub when it does and even when it doesn't.  


Adapt you Hot Tub to your individual style

Add a touch of your own personality to your hot tub by adding a custom music system, LED lighting, covers, parasols and many more additional features.  Adding your own design features will make it more unique, personal and individual which will allow you to enjoy you hot tub even more.

Talk to the experts at Sundance Spas for more information on how you can purchase a luxury hot tub for your home.

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24th May
Posted on 24th May, 2012 by Francesca

Why Use Only Genuine Sundance Spa Filters?


Spa Filters: Nearly every spa uses a filtration system to ensure consistent clean and crystal clear water.  Not all spa filtration systems are the same and this is also true for spa filters themselves.  You should be very wary of generic spa replacement filters or imitations of genuine Sundance Spa filters.  Non-genuine, generic spa filters can be cheaper, but using one of these could end up being a costly experience in terms of performance and also overall value.  Using non-genuine Sundance Spa filters may also void your warranty.

Microclean Filter

Your Sundance Spa is an investment.  You will want to protect your investment so appropriate and regular maintenace will help ensure it retains its beauty and performance.  Your local approved Sundance Spa outlet can supply you with all the information and filters that you will need.

Locate your nearest outlet now!

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12th April
Posted on 12th April, 2012 by Francesca

Hot tubs can be enjoyed all year round and they are just as entertaining in the summer as much as they can be in the winter, even though it may be freezing outside.

Your hot tub requires just as much love and attention whatever the season. Some spas come with a freeze protection system for wintertime which stops the hot tub from freezing when the temperature drops at night, but looking after your spa in the summer is equally as important to ensure it remains clean and sparkling in the glorious sunlight.

You can have some summer fun in your hot tub at a minimal cost with these top tips. Maintaining the temperature of your in your spa is more cost effective than allowing the British weather to warm up the water, allow it to drop, and then warming it back up just before you use it. If you can manage to keep the temperature of your hot tub at the same level on a daily basis then this is much better and will cost you less.

However, a hot tub can be set to run in cool mode in the summer when temperatures soar and reducing the temperature can help to save on the water bill. It is also ideal for small children wanting to play in the hot tub this season.

Another tip is to cover your hot tub properly. A number of things can get into your tub this season and make it dirty such as grass from mowing the lawn and flies buzzing around in the hot weather. You can cover the spa to maintain its quality and you can also apply protectant to the cover itself to stop it getting damaged from any summer showers that occur. A cover will also limit the amount of water that heats up and evaporates, therefore cutting your energy bills. What is more, the sun can increase the dispersal of added chlorine so add water sanitizer in the evenings. For more tips on maintaining your hut tub in the summer and winter, speak to the experts at Sundance Spas today.

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12th April
Posted on 12th April, 2012 by Francesca

Having moved over to our new site there a number of different things that you will have noticed; the first being the fresh new look. Totally different from the look on our old site, the new Sundance Spas site has a new look and feel about it. With a white background instead of the dark background on our old site, we feel like the site is more appealing and easier on the eye if you’re just having a browse for a new hot tub.

If that is what you’re doing, searching for a new hot tub, then you will like the new lay out of the site and also realise how easy it is to navigate around the site. When you first go on the site you will notice the ‘Find a Dealer’ tab on the right hand side. This will help you to locate your nearest stockist of the great Sundance Spas.

It’s the little things like this that we believe will keep our customers happy; knowing they’re just a click away from finding their nearest supplier or Sundance Spas and then only moments away from purchasing their very own spa.

The belief behind a Sundance Spa is that it will relax, release stress and also promote the overall well-being of a person; well that is what we hope our new site does, too. We know how difficult it can be to purchase a hot tub if you do not know all of the facts and we also know what it can be like when you visit a website and it’s challenging to navigate around it and learn all the info that you need.

This is why with our new site design we have gone for bigger, more aesthetically pleasing tabs which will take you to the internal pages so that you can find out more about your dream hot tub.

So we hope you like the new site and we hope that you find it a stress free experience and don’t have any problems when it comes to choosing your new hot tub!

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