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24th May
Posted on 24th May, 2012 by Francesca

Why Use Only Genuine Sundance Spa Filters?


Spa Filters: Nearly every spa uses a filtration system to ensure consistent clean and crystal clear water.  Not all spa filtration systems are the same and this is also true for spa filters themselves.  You should be very wary of generic spa replacement filters or imitations of genuine Sundance Spa filters.  Non-genuine, generic spa filters can be cheaper, but using one of these could end up being a costly experience in terms of performance and also overall value.  Using non-genuine Sundance Spa filters may also void your warranty.

Microclean Filter

Your Sundance Spa is an investment.  You will want to protect your investment so appropriate and regular maintenace will help ensure it retains its beauty and performance.  Your local approved Sundance Spa outlet can supply you with all the information and filters that you will need.

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