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25th September
Posted on 25th September, 2012 by Francesca

Many families prefer to use their hot tub when the weather is the coldest and plan holiday activities around the use of their spas.  A hot tub is designed for a range of ages, whether children or grandparents, everyone can enjoy a relaxing soak and gentle therapy.  The best hot tubs function as ideal settings during all seasons to bring family and friends together.


We recommend maintaining your spa even during the coldest winter months and here are a few reasons why:


  • Weather related pain: People with weather related pain suffer from intense joint discomfort during the cold seasons.  Submerging achy bones in a steamy hot tub is the ultimate means for alleviating that "Chilled to the bone" feeling.
  • Thrill factor: Sitting in hot bubbling water in the company of friends and family while snow is falling all around is exhilarating and delightful!Friends enjoying the 880 Aspen
  • Muscle soreness from winter sporting activities: Rugby, football or even a bit of sledging.  Most people will endure muscle pain after their first time partaking in winter sports and activities.  Hydro-massage can help beginner or advanced winter sports enthusiasts minimise sore muscles.
  • Winter blues: Some people experience a serous mood change when the seasons change.  They may sleep too much, have little energy and may also feel depressed during the winter.  Hot tubs conveniently located in the garden help get people outside in invigorating hot water, in social settings, enjoying the winter sunshine, diverting the urge to "hibernate" during the colder months.
Check you hot tub cover
When the weather is set to freeze it is wise that you check your hot tub cover for general signs of wear and tear.
Winter checks
 If you see signs of cracking or sagging your cover may not be insulating your hot tub as well as it should.  If you notice condensation or small pools of frozen water on the surface of your cover remove by splashing with warm water rather than scrapping at the ice.

Going away over the winter months?


Are you plannning to visit family or friends over the winter or simply heading off to warmer climates?  Will your spa be unused for a prolonged period during these cold months?  If this is the case you may consider having a winterising service performed.


Here at Sundance Spas we have a fantastic range of hot tub designs that will be the perfect addition to you home and garden.  We also provide an extensive range of after sales care and products to help you maintain your hot tub to the highest standard.

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