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19th November
Posted on 19th November, 2012 by Francesca

Do you get the winter blues or find yourself lacking the energy for simple tasks as the nights close in? You may well be suffering from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), which is to do with the lack of natural light we subject ourselves to during the winter months. According to, SAD can affect as many as a third of people in the UK.

During the months of December to February, more than 90% of us get up to go to work in the dark and return home after dark, and it’s far too easy to get into the routine of sitting inside and watching daytime television on those chilly winter weekends. However, it is proven that going outdoors and making the most of the natural light can significantly reduce SAD symptoms and ease stress at this hectic time of year. So why not make the most of the natural light in your free time by having a steamy soak in your very own luxury Sundance Spa garden hot tub? The hydrotherapeutic effects of our hot tubs will help to relax your muscles, decrease blood pressure and even lead to an improved night’s sleep.

Here at Sundance Spas we have a huge range of Jacuzzis and hot tubs that you can use all year round, ranging from our innovative and energy-efficient Select series to the luxurious 880 series hot tubs.

See the Sundance Spas website for our full range of hot tubs and hot tub accessories. Whether you’re looking for hot tub covers or hot tub filters, we can help. You will also be able to find out where our nearest hot tub suppliers are located.

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19th November
Posted on 19th November, 2012 by Francesca

According to specialists, doing exciting things with your teenager might just be the best way to re-establish a relationship with them.  Everybody knows teenagers love to have parties in the hot tub, so why not join the 100,000 hot tub owners in the UK and let a garden hot tub be the exciting way you decide to spend time with your children? Many of the Sundance Spas hot tubs also come complete with in-built stereo-systems and atmospheric lighting systems to really get the party started.

Hot tubs are a fantastic place to relax your body and your mind.  

Whilst hot tubs are primarily known for their health benefits, they are also a wonderful place to forget about your worries and open up to each other. As matter of fact, listed parental bonding with teens as one of their top reasons to buy a hot tub.

If you’re looking for garden hot tubs or outdoor hot tubs suitable for you and your family, then you need look no further than Sundance Spas. We stock hot tubs designed for all different sizes of family, from two-seater hot tubs to eight-birth luxury spas.  

There’s also a fantastic range of hot tub accessories for sale at Sundance Spas. We can supply hot tub covers, filters and hot tub steps, which will ensure that your hot tub is accessible even to the smallest members of the family! You can visit our store for a more comprehensive list of luxury hot tubs for sale and what sort of hot tub accessories we have to offer. 

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9th November
Posted on 9th November, 2012 by Francesca

A hot tub will help stimulate your body and mind so you’re ready to face the world again.  There are numerous health benefits associated with the healing power of water. In this blog post we’ve highlighted some of the main ailments that can be alleviated by taking an occasional dip into your hot tub.

Hot tubs can provide relief from stress

Everyone experiences stress at some point in their lives. Warm water immersion has been proven to reduce the hormones associated with stress.  Dipping into a hot tub will also help separate you from the cause of stress, which can further decrease anxiety.  A recent study also suggested that along with relaxation, bathing in a hot tub could have a positive effect on your memory and the performance of cognitive tasks, such as problem solving.

Hot tubs have healing benefits

A study at the Mayo Clinic found that soaking in a hot tub gives many of the health benefits associated with exercise but with less strain on the heart. A dip in hot water initially speeds up the heart to send blood to the surface and disperse extra body heat into the air. After a while, the warm blood causes the blood vessels to dilate. This lessens the resistance to blood flow and lowers blood pressure.

Hot tubs can help ease arthritis and joint pain

The buoyancy in hot tub water can reduce your body weight by 90% when submerged.  This helps reduce the pressure on your joints and muscles, allowing soothing exercises to be performed. The power produced by the jets within the hot tub also provides massaging qualities for your joints and areas of pain or discomfort.

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