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26th October
Posted on 26th October, 2015 by Francesca

It's hard to believe it has been 7 weeks since our back to school super September offer.  We are heading toweard the end of October, the clocks have changed and Halloween and bonfire night are looming.  So if you are thinking of purchasing a new hot tub we have some spooktacular and explosive deals for you to take advantage of.  Just imagine soaking in hte warm waters of your hot tub whilst wathcing the exploding colours of the fireworks overhead.

Spooktacular savings!


Over the years we have discoverd there are different kinds of hot tub owners.  There are those who use their tub all year round, perhaps to relieve the symptoms of arthritis or to help with insomnia.  Then we have those that only take a dip in the summer months and finally those who opt for a winter time soak.  Whatever your preference is we are here to help you prepare your hot tub for the coming season.

Preparing your hot tub for the winter months is important.  These are some of the things you need to consider:

  • What conditions is your hot tub cover in?  Have you noticed that your cover has become heavier than it used to be?  Are the security clips still intact?  If your cover is heavy it may have begun to take in water.  Not only does this make it more difficult to get on and of your spa it also reduces the insulating properties.  You could be loosing exvessive heat from the water and subsequently using more energy to maintain the warm bathing temperature.  If you have a cover lifter fitted the extra weight could be putting a strain on the lifting arms.  During the winter months we often experience higher winds so it is important to ensure that your cover security clips are in place.  You don't want to wake up one morning to find your hot tub cover has blown off and is not settled at the bottom of your garden!  If your hot tub is in a more exposed area you may want to consider extra security starps to keep it in place.Checking your hot tub cover
  • Are you planning on using your hot tub during the winter months?  If not you would be wise to consider winterising it.  This will ensure that your hot tub has as little as possible residual water left in the pipes to freeze when the temperature drops.
  • For our winter bathers whose hot tubs have been out of action during the summer months a service could be in order to ensure everything is running as economically as it should be.
  • It is important to check that your hot tub is running and up to temperature throughout the week.  Power cuts can switch your hot tub off, if left without power the temperature will fall and the filtration system won't be running.  Imagine the disappointment when you nip out for a dip on a clear and starry night to find your water is cold and cloudy.  Not only that your hot tub will be vulnerable to freezing if Jack Frost makes an appearance.
Whatever your hot tub plans are for the winter we are here to provide you with any advice or help you may need. Just give us a call or pop into our showroom for a chat.
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