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22nd March
Posted on 22nd March, 2016 by Francesca

It’s hard to believe we are almost a quarter of the way through 2016.  With the first day of spring behind us and the Easter weekend in a few days, it’s time (if you haven't already!) to get out into your garden and start preparing for the Easter break and the summer.

If you are already the proud owner of a hot tub then it is probably time to give it the once over.  You may not have used it much over the winter so a good spring clean will be necessary.  Here is a quick guide on how to clean your hot tub.

Rubber Gloves

  • Remove the cover and check the stitching and handles for wear and tear.  Wash the underside with a very dilute bleach or chlorine solution.  This will kill and remove any mould spores.  Clean the exterior will a mild soap solution, taking care to rinse thoroughly.  Top tip, an old tooth brush is good for cleaning any dirt off the stitching.
  • We suggest adding a hot tub flush, such as AquaSparkle Hot Tub Flush, before draining the water this will clear out your pipes of any build-up of calcium and biofilm.
  • Turn off the power to your hot tub.
  • Drain the water, this can be done by either using a submersible pump or the spas inbuilt drain valve.
  • Remove the headrests/pillows and wash with a mild soap solution, rinse thoroughly and allow to dry.
  • Remove the filter.  If you have a reusable pleated filter put this in to soak in a filter cleaner, such as AquaSparkle Filter Immerse.  Any Sundance Spas owners with  Microclean 1 filters older than 3 months old should replace these.  Microcleanplus filters older than 9 months should also be disposed and replaced and Microclean Ultra inner filters older than 6 months replaced.
  • The inside shell of the hot tub should be cleaned with a hot tub cleaner such as AquaSparkle Surface Cleaner.  Use a soft none abrasive cloth to apply and remove any water or scum lines.  Rinse thoroughly and remove as much of the dirty water as possible.
  • If you cabinetry is synthetic this can be cleaned with a soft cloth and mild soap solution.
  • Refill with fresh water, insert your cleaned or new filter and switch on the power.
  • Check your chemical levels and adjust as necessary.
  • Before replacing the cleaned pillows and cover, treat with a protectant such as Aerospace 303.  This will help seal and protect from chemicals and the weather.  You can give your cabinet a once over with the cloth used to apply to the 303 to the pillows and cover.

If this all seems a bit much and you just want to jump into the clean, warm bubbling waters and relax then why not take advantage of our popular Spring Clean Service offer.  For just £199.00 we will give your hot tub a thorough clean and once over for you.

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