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5th July
Posted on 5th July, 2012 by Francesca

In previous years it was mainly celebrities being spotted bathing in their hot tubs, but it has been reported that increasing numbers of people earning all kinds of salaries are looking to invest in a hot tub for their home or garden.

This demand for hot tubs has been proven as the National Lottery Operator Camelot has announced that 29% of lottery winners make sure they purchase a hot tub with their winnings; but you don't have to win the lottery to owna hot tub!  There are a wid range of styles to choose from to suit all budgets.

Here are the benefits of owning your very own hot tub:



You may already like having a bath after a long day at work so why not take that to a more luxurious level by enjoying a relaxing soak in your hot tub, whilst enjoying the peace and quiet of the outdoors.  Yout Hot Tub could be fully out in the open or could have a gazebo style covering to keep it more private if you prefer.

 Sundance Spa Marin under gazebo


Spend more quality time with friends and family whilst relaxing with them and perhaps enjoying a chilled glass of wine, surrounded by bubbles!


Make the most of the weather

If you Hot Tub is outdoors you will be spending more time outside which will also help you appreciate your garden.  Although the sun may not always shine you can certainly make the most of your hot tub when it does and even when it doesn't.  


Adapt you Hot Tub to your individual style

Add a touch of your own personality to your hot tub by adding a custom music system, LED lighting, covers, parasols and many more additional features.  Adding your own design features will make it more unique, personal and individual which will allow you to enjoy you hot tub even more.

Talk to the experts at Sundance Spas for more information on how you can purchase a luxury hot tub for your home.

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