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12th April
Posted on 12th April, 2012 by Francesca

Hot tubs can be enjoyed all year round and they are just as entertaining in the summer as much as they can be in the winter, even though it may be freezing outside.

Your hot tub requires just as much love and attention whatever the season. Some spas come with a freeze protection system for wintertime which stops the hot tub from freezing when the temperature drops at night, but looking after your spa in the summer is equally as important to ensure it remains clean and sparkling in the glorious sunlight.

You can have some summer fun in your hot tub at a minimal cost with these top tips. Maintaining the temperature of your in your spa is more cost effective than allowing the British weather to warm up the water, allow it to drop, and then warming it back up just before you use it. If you can manage to keep the temperature of your hot tub at the same level on a daily basis then this is much better and will cost you less.

However, a hot tub can be set to run in cool mode in the summer when temperatures soar and reducing the temperature can help to save on the water bill. It is also ideal for small children wanting to play in the hot tub this season.

Another tip is to cover your hot tub properly. A number of things can get into your tub this season and make it dirty such as grass from mowing the lawn and flies buzzing around in the hot weather. You can cover the spa to maintain its quality and you can also apply protectant to the cover itself to stop it getting damaged from any summer showers that occur. A cover will also limit the amount of water that heats up and evaporates, therefore cutting your energy bills. What is more, the sun can increase the dispersal of added chlorine so add water sanitizer in the evenings. For more tips on maintaining your hut tub in the summer and winter, speak to the experts at Sundance Spas today.

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