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Chelsee Spa from Sundance

You simply cannot compare any discount hot tub to a stylish and affordable new Chelsee model 780™ Series hot tub.

Attracting smart spa shoppers with each of its four corner seats, which everyone loves in a hot tub, the Chelsee offers a distinctly different kind of therapeutic massage.

A feature that you rarely find in any luxury or discount hot tubs is the unique Reflexology Foot Dome, with its five powerful jets each offering a different massage experience. What is more, there is the Soothing Muscle Therapy, or SMT™ jets as well as the highly effective Accu-Pressure™ jets which are all available in the Chelsee; so you can be sure that you’ll get a different kind of massage from each one.

If you haven't yet experienced the beautiful backlit AquaSheer™ Waterfall with its multicolour SunRay™ LED then it may be time for you to pay a visit to your local Sundance® dealer and see what they have to offer. You are in for a treat because the lighting blissfully bounces off the sparkling water as you unwind and relax!

Take a "wet test", get a professional delivery and service, and have the opportunity to apply for some hot tub financing are the many motives for going with a reputable Sundance dealer such as Alfresco Life as opposed to a company selling discount spas.

If you're considering buying a Chelsee you should instantly see the value when you consider that you have a vast choice of acrylic colours and cabinetry. Also there are other 'fun' options that you can add on which include the BLUEWAVE spa stereo system. The very affordable Chelsee beats discount hot tubs in both quality, features, and also service.

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SEATS 6-7 adults
DIMENSIONS 226 cm x 226 cm x 92 cm
SPA VOLUME 1,514 litres

AquaSheer™ Waterfall

AquaSheer™ Waterfall
  • Curved edge creates a sheer "curtain" of water
  • Multicolor SunRay LED back-lighting
  • Control waterfall and footwell lighting
  • "Special effects" modes

Four Distinct Corner Seats

Four Distinct Corner Seats
  • Four types of therapeutic massage seats
  • Pillow headrests provide support in all four seats
  • All-over massage in the Accu-Ssage therapy seat

Reflexology Foot Dome

Reflexology Foot Dome
  • Elevated and curved dome with five jets
  • Powerful massage action that you can enjoy from every seat
  • Excellent for reflexology
  • Relief for tired legs

Seats:6-7 adults
Dimensions:*226 cm x 226 cm x 92 cm
Weight: Dry/FilledDry: 396 kg / Filled: 2,363 kg
Weight: Dry/FilledDry: 396 kg / Filled: 2,363 kg
Spa Volume:1,514 litres
Jet Pumps:2 TheraFlo™ 2.0 cont hp (1 @ 2 spd 2.6 bhp1, 1 @
Accu-Pressure™ Jets:9
SMT™ Jets:12
SMT Micro Jets:8
SMT Fluidix Jets:2
SMT Mini Jets:4
SMT Turbo Jets:1
Air Controls/Massage Selectors:4 Controls / 1 Selector
Filter:Two-stage MicroClean™ Filter
Water Treatment:24-hour Circulation Pump, 20" Slipstream Skimmer, CLEARRAY™
Lighting:Multicolor SunRay™ LED Lighting
Stainless Steel Jet Trim:Standard
Electrical Requirements:Export (50 Hz): 230 VAC @ 20A, 30A or 40A
Heater:Stainless Steel 2.7kW
Water Feature:Backlit AquaSheer™ Variable Waterfall
Optional Built-in Stereo System:Optional: BLUEWAVE™ Spa Stereo System
Shell Colors: Platinum, Oyster, Midnight, Celestite, Carribean Surf, Monaco, Sahara, Copper Sand, Porcelain, Sandstone
Cabinetry: Coastal, Mahogany, Autumn Walnut
In-Ground Model:Not available
SMT™ Turbo

  • High-volume water for a vigorous massage
  • Deep, muscle-penetrating, intense massage
  • Ideal for after-sports therapy



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