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Feel the healing benefits of a hot tub from Alfresco Life

The healing benefits of warm water has been known around the world for hundreds of years, and our hot tubs by Sundance Spas take this tradition to a new level by incorporating hydrotherapy techniques featuring colour, light, scent and music.

Hot tubs by Sundance Spas are perfect for enjoying the benefits of alternative therapies such as reflexology, chromatherapy and watsu.

Reflexology: The foot jets in many of our models are ideal for the massaging foot work involved in Reflexology.

Chromatherapy: The multi-coloured SunGlow lighting in 880 Series hot tubs, as well as the optional coloured lights in the 780 and 680 Series hot tubs, can create mood-enhancing shades.

Watsu: Practice this healing art in one of our larger hot tubs

Why try different therapeutic approaches?

With a hot tub by Sundance Spas you have a choice of seats and jets in every model. This allows you to explore the various hydrotherapeutic techniques and get the most out of your spa sessions. You can learn how to target specific muscles and joints, find out which combinations of jets relax you the most and enjoy a new experience each and every day.

Add soothing sounds to your hydrotherapy experience

Music and Sundance Spas go hand in hand. Built in stereos are available as options for most of our hot tubs, so you can relax listening to your favourite music or throw a hot tub bash with some party tunes!


Ease tension with the art of Watsu

Watsu combines the Japanese art of Shiatsu with warm water, which can help remove tension and enhance relaxation. Shiatsu is a form of “finger pressure” massage, which is applied to the body’s energy channels, and combining it with water has been found to be very effective.

The art of Watsu was developed in 1980 by Harold Dull who travelled to Japan to study Zen Shiatsu. When he got back to America, he promoted the benefits of this art combined with water and it is now practised in spas and therapeutic clinics all over the world.

A hot tub is the ideal place to practice Watsu

A warm spa (35 to 37 degrees C) is a perfect environment for a Watsu session. Floating in water supported by the Watsu practitioner, the Watsu receiver is gently stretched, turned and glided back and forth. As well as having specific pressure points manipulated, the receiver also becomes more aware of taking each breath at a slow and gentle rhythm, which helps towards the goal of complete relaxation.


Enjoying the soothing power of reflexology with Sundance Spas

Reflexology involves applying deep pressure to energy channels, or reflex points, in the hands and feet to heal the whole body. It is believed that reflexology can loosen calcium obstructions and free nerve pathways to bring about total relaxation.

A form of reflexology was first used over 5,000 years ago in ancient China, India and Egypt. Practitioners manipulate specific points on the hands and feet based on energy channels (known as the qi or chi in Chinese and Japanese medicine or the prana in Hindu), and these can affect healing in other areas of the body.

Reflexology in a Sundance Spa

The jets used in each Sundance Spa target the specific pressure points. The powerful foot jets massage all the areas of the feet, which contain more than 7,000 nerve endings. Some models also feature the reflexology foot dome which contains jets ideally placed to reach the sensitive areas of the feet.

Selected models also feature jets for the wrists and palms which help to remove tension in the nerves and muscles of the hands and wrists, and can also help with the pain of carpal tunnel syndrome.


Light up your life with Sundance Spas

Our moods can be affected by light and colour, and just as we need exposure to sunlight we can also benefit from exposure to certain colours in the spectrum. Each colour in the spectrum has its own wavelength, meaning it can provide a different effect on us.

Many models of hot tub from Sundance Spas feature multi-coloured in-spa lighting, so you can set the lighting to invoke a soothing environment and improve your mental well-being.

Chromatherapy: Colours to promote wellness.
  • RED: Stirs passion and the desire for transformation; increases self esteem.
  • YELLOW: Stimulates the intellect and inspires optimism; counters moodiness.
  • WHITE: Simplifies and adds clarity to the moment; repels dark feelings
  • GREEN: Creates a feeling of satisfaction with living in the moment; helps relieve insomnia.
  • BLUE: Bestows a sense of tranquillity, peacefulness and contentment; promotes healing processes.
  • TEAL: Facilitates a balance of logic and emotion; balances emotions.
  • VIOLET: Promotes feelings of intimacy and inspiration; calms anxiety.
  • PURPLE: Invigorates creativity and appreciation of the arts; relaxes and soothes.


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