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Remove your hot tub cover with ease with a cover lifter

A cover lift for your spa or hot tub from Alfresco Life is simple to use and convenient, and enables you to remove your hot tub cover with ease. Each cover lifter is well constructed and works smoothly and efficiently, and we have lifters suitable for spas and hot tubs of all shapes and sizes.

CoverMate I

The CoverMate I only has one moving part and a built-in stop mechanism so installation is simple and fast and allows you to remove your cover with ease. The manual lift has been proven to be hassle-free. The lifter needs as little as 25cm clearance behind the spa to work and fits spas up to 240cm.  To buy a CoverMate I click here.

CoverMate II™ with Understyle bracket

The CoverMate II with understyle bracket offers a partial unobstructed view by tucking the cover behind the spa itself. Although the cover is behind the spa, a small portion of the cover will remain at eye level. The CoverMate II understyle bracket will not damage your skirt as no screws are required for installation and it requires 46cm clearance behind the spa.  To buy a CoverMate II Understyle click here.

CoverMate III

The CoverMate III makes opening the hot tub cover effortless due to its gas shock mechanisms. The large aluminium mounting brackets, tubing and full bar construction provide superior strength, and the break-proof locking system prevents inadvertent loss of cover and eliminates broken shock problems. This lifter is ideal for spas housed in gazebos or when there is limited space behind the hot tub. Clearance required behind the spa is 15cm.  To buy a CoverMate III click here.

CoverMate™ Freestyle

The CoverMate Freestyle is the convenient way to handle the round spa covers on spas like the Denali. The lifter has a smart-mount base system which uses the weight of the hot tub to hold the lift device in place. Back clearance on this lift is 51 cm. The Freestyle positions the cover away from the spa so the entire spa is usable and it also adds privacy.  


The CoverCaddy is a convenient lift, in which arms cradle your cover to keep it safely behind your spa, and the arms fold away when not in use. The CoverCaddy needs 106cm for clearance, the kit includes an understyle mounting system so no need for screwing into the cabinet.  To buy a CoverCaddy click here.

Hot Tub Cover Secure

The system's heavy-duty nylon straps lock into place over your hot tub cover, preventing access to the hot tub, as well as protecting it against the elements. Available in Coastal and Mahogany these cover security straps come in three lengths: 370 cm, 310 cm, and 240 cm.


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