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Service and repair

Service and repair

Your hot tub is an investment so you need to make sure that you are looking after your investment so that it can look after you. At Alfresco Life we pride ourselves on having excellent customer relations from the first time you contact us right the way through to when you have been enjoying your spa or hot tub for many years.

We offer service and repair and maintenance plans which are available for all Sundance Spa models as well as a wide variety of other hot tub brands such as Jacuzzi, HotSpring, Canadian Spa, Vita Spas to name but a few.  Our experience and credentials means that you are guaranteed to receive a quality spa service carried out by one of our factory trained engineers.

Our service plans have been designed to help protect your spa and reduce the overall running costs, enabling us to ensure that your hot tub is in complete working order allowing you to enjoy the many benefits of owning a hot tub every single day.  Details of our most popular service plans are below.  If you would like any further information or if you wish to discuss the service plans available in more detail to ensure you get the one that suits you, please do not hesitate to call us on 01260 281491.

Gold Maintenance Plan

This service plan includes two spa services over the course of 12 month period.  The services are carried out at mutually convenient times approximately 6 months apart. Both visits include the following:

  • Full service x 2 - each service is a complete drain down of water, thorough cleanse of the internal shell, around jets, air valves, divertors, weir gate and filter bay; external clean of the cabinet; pillows cleaned and treated with protectant spray; cover cleaned and treated with protectant spray; soak and clean filter or replace (1 per annum); refill spa with clean fresh water and reset and balance the chemicals.  Once per year we will add a Hot Tub Flush treatment to descale internal pipework and remove biofilm.  Biofilm is not only potentially hazardous but if left untreated will harbour bacteria and increase your chemical consumption
  • Technical service x 1 – check all internal components; test electrical draw from pumps, heater, ozonator etc to ensure they are within the tolerance levels; hoover out internal cabinet and check for any infestations of insects, mice etc; check pump union joints and plumbing seals
  • Water sample taken prior to drain down to be tested in our office using water testing techniques that provide accurate readings of pH, total alkalinity and sanitiser.  You will then be advised of any adjustments you may need to make
  • Report and advise on any items or areas of the spa or chemical balance that may need additional attention
  • One filter per annum
  • 10% discount from other chemicals purchased throughout the year
  • Call out charge waived.  In the event of a breakdown in between services we will not charge a call out to come and assess the problem. 

All labour, chemicals and materials are included in the price of this service. 

Platinum Service Plan

The Platinum service plan is four hot tub services over a 12 month period.  You get everything in the Gold plan with an additional 2 x full service and 15% discount off chemicals purchased throughout the year. 

Elite Service Plan

The Elite service plan is a monthly site visit which includes 4 x full service as with the Platinum plan, the remaining 8 visits we clean the filter, clean the cover and panels as required, check and re-set the water chemistry and you get 15% discount off chemicals purchased throughout the year. 

Each full service takes around 4 hours to complete and we ask that the spa has been maintained to a reasonable level in between our visits.  This applies more when we are only visiting once every 6 months.  Our engineer Andy does a full and comprehensive service for on each visit and does a very thorough job ensuring your hot tub is gleaming and ready to use before he leaves. 

Payment for the plans can be made annually for the full amount or in equal monthly payments by standing order.

One off Service and Repairs

If a service plan isn’t for you but you would like your hot tub professionally cleaned and serviced that isn’t a problem.  You can have a one off service with our without the technical service at any time of the year.
For any further information on any of the services we offer, please contact us on 01260 281491.


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