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Enjoy clean and clear water every time with hot tub filters from Alfresco Life.

Each hot tub filter from Alfresco Life is dependable and easy to use.  There are several hot tub filter manufactures and you may come across names such as Unicel, Darlly, Pleatco and Great Barrier but the most important thing to ensure is that the filter you are purchasing is the correct one for your hot tub.

As an approved Sundance Spas outlet we stock a wide selection of genuine Sundance Spas hot tub filters suitable for use in current Sundance Spas models and the older models right back to 1999.  We also have a selection of generic hot tub filters for other hot tub brands to add to our complete range of hot tub parts and accessories we provide to keep your hot tub in the best possible condition.

Contact us at Alfresco Life on 01625 423803 for more information on which filter you should be using in your hot tub or Sundance Spa.

MicroFiber Filter (Top Portion)

The spun-bound microfiber cartridge allows for ultra-fine spa water filtration - for use with 780 Series and Select Series spas.  To buy a microclean 1 disposable filter click here.

MicroClean™ I Filter (Bottom Portion)

The MicroClean cartridge provides maximum filtration for crystal-clear spa water - for use with Sundance 780 Series and Select Series spas.  To buy a 75sqft filter click here.

MicroClean Plus™

The MicroClean Plus Filter uses advanced, triple-layer pleated material to provide superior filtration for clean and clear water. The system traps larger particles in the upper layers of the filter and smaller particles in the lower layers, and also absorbs oils and lotions and removes them from the water. These filters are used with the 880 Series spas.  To buy a MicroClean Plus Filter click here.

Microclean™ Ultra

The Microclean Ultra is the industry’s first interlocking system, and provides dual filtration resulting in very pure water. The outer filter traps large particles, whilst the inner filter traps the finer particles. For use with the 880 Series spas.  To buy the Microclean Ultra filter click here.

MicroFiber Spa Pre-Filter

The MicroFiber Spa Pre-Filter allows you to purify your water before you enter. This disposable filter increases the quality of your spa water by removing impurities from your water. Sundance pre-filters are 90% efficient and remove dirt, sediment, rust, and calcium. Each pre-filter is good for 4,500 litres or 2 – 3 complete fills.


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