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Relax in your own personal paradise

Your back garden is primarily a space for relaxing, so this is why hot tubs fit in so well. If you’re thinking about adding a Sundance Spa, there are a number of different areas you need to consider.

Some basic things to remember are:

You should plan to use your hot tub all through the year. Although it can be great in the summer, relaxing in a warm hot tub in the chilly British winter time can be a fantastic treat. Enhance it by planting seasonal flowers, moving furniture or adding a spa umbrella.

Stay simple with matching steps and planters around your Sundance at first, investing in more accessories later on if you decide this is right for you.

Use shrubbery to create a natural retreat around your hot tub to increase privacy and make the area beautiful!

Back garden design for total beginners

We’re not all green-figured and if you’ve never thought about taking care over your garden space before, it can seem intimidating. However, there are plenty of resources and assistance available to make sure you get your perfect garden.

Where to start:

Plan around the built in elements first. The patio and decks are permanent and can’t be moved, so these need to be thought of first. You should consider your hot tub in the same category and plan lawns and flower beds around it, rather than the other way round.

Make sure it’s suited for you. You may visit garden centres and see beautiful designs, but they may not always fit in with your home. Most gardens use a few strong elements and work around this, so get your main sections right first then fill it in with plants and furniture after this.

Adapt features you like. If you spot something you like whether it’s in the local neighbourhood or in a magazine, find a way to make it suit your space. If you admire a friend’s garden, don’t be afraid to ask them how they did it and for advice, and remember that the internet is a wealth of resources!


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