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Set the atmosphere with customised spa lighting

An integral part of your spa experience is the mood set by your lighting. Change the mood from romantic to a party atmosphere easily and transform the appearance of your hot tub. The hot tub lights you choose make it easy for you to enjoy using your spa after the sun has set and allow you to relax and set your own ambience.

Each Series from Sundance Spas has different options available, from the SunGlow™ system in the 880 Series which lights up from the footwell to the waterfall, to the SunRay LED lights up the Aquasheer water fall and light Rings on the 780 Series, to the Pinpoint Custom Luxury LED light option available with the 680 Series, so you can get the perfect hot tub light system no matter which hot tub you’re considering.

For more information on the various light types, contact Alfresco Life your Sundance Spas expert in Cheshire or request a brochure.

  • 880 LIGHTING
  • 780 LIGHTING
  • 680 LIGHTING

SunGlow™ Lighting System and AquaTerrace™ Water Feature

  • AquaTerrace™ water feature includes colored backlighting with a rotating spectrum or one-color settings.
  • iTouch AquaTerrace controls let you adjust lighting for waterfall and footwell.
  • Illuminated footwell jets reflect jet-driven water and add ambience.
  • Select from three levels of brightness.
  • LED (light-emitting diode) technology consumes less energy than incandescent lights.
  • A double AquaTerrace waterfall is standard in the Maxxus model.

LED backlit Grab Bars

  • Enables you to safely and easily enter and exit your spa during the evening hours.
  • Lighting synchronized with the spa's interior lighting creating a stunning lighting effect.

SunRay™ Lighting System and AquaSheer Water Feature

  • AquaSheer backlit water feature is designed with a curved edge for a sheer "curtain" of water.
  • LED in-spa illumination includes light rings on air controls (on select models).
  • Colours can be set to one shade or rotating.
  • Improved footwell lighting enhances glow from within the spa's water.
  • iTouch control panel provides easy access for adjusting the lights in the waterfall and footwell.

SunRay Light Rings

  • LED in-spa illumination includes light rings on air controls.
  • Colours synchronize with interior lighting system.

CL Multicolor LED Lighting Package

  • Standard on all Hartford, Hawthorne, and Burlington models.
  • Lights circle spa's edge and illuminate the waterfall.
  • Footwell lighting included.
  • Set lighting to one colour or to transition through a spectrum

Multicolor LED Light Option

  • Footwell light addition.
  • LED technology allows for changeable colours.


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