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Saunas have been available commercially within the UK for more than 35 years and for most of us our first experience of a sauna will have been in a hotel or health club.

The heat of a sauna brings on a healthy perspiration, which helps the body to flush out toxins.  The heat, or löyly, from the water being splashed onto hot stones eases respiration and soothes airways.  The heat envelops you and sinks right down into your bones, giving the feeling of relaxation and wellbeing.

Our preferred manufacturer is Tylö who have over 60 years of experience in the design and manufacture of both sauna and steam products.  They are the largest sauna manufacturer in Scandinavia.

Which type of bathing is for you?


Best enjoyed at temperatures of 75-90oC in a relative humidity of 5-15%.  Periodically sprinkle a ladle of water on the hot stones to feel the heat penetrate deep into your skin, opening pours and releasing dead skin cells and toxins.  A more extreme variation of this is the dry heat sauna which reaches temperatures of 95-110oC in an almost totally dry atmosphere.

Steam Sauna or Soft Sauna

A gentler form at 45-65oC with an automatic and continuous supply of steam ensuring a constant humidity of 45-65% to provide a more temperate bathing climate suitable for young and old.  The same sensation of clean, fresh skin and relaxed body and soul is achieved as from the traditional sauna.  Perfume the air with invigorating herbs or essences.

Steam Shower

Not to be confused with the steam sauna with its wooden surroundings.  This is a specially designed room finished in glass or tiles.  The humidity is a constant 100% and temperatures stay between 40-45oC making it easy to lose yourself in the clouds of steam.  This can be combined in your home with a traditional shower.


Tylö uses IR-C and IR-B radiation which penetrates deep into the tissues of the body.  It doesn’t have much in common with the traditional sauna bathing but has been used as a medical therapy to alleviate the symptoms of rheumatism and tense muscles.


Infra-red combined with a sauna heater allows you to squeeze in a relaxing sauna when you are short of time.  The infra-red heat can be enjoyed while you are waiting for the sauna heater to heat up the air.

A sauna can be a social experience to be enjoyed with friends and family as well as a private get away to relax the mind and body.  Have your own private home spa in a space of less than 1.3m2.

For further information on our range of saunas and steam rooms and the options available please call 01260 281491.

Sauna Accessories

Sauna accessories

Add your own personal touch and sense of style to your selected Tylo sauna from their range of accessories

Accessories are available in light or dark wood to match your chosen finish and are rustic or contemporary.  Whatever your style they are sure to make an aesthetic statement to your sauna.

From hourglasses and thermometers; ladles and buckets, towel racks, lamps and lighting and wooden headrests and fragrant essences you are spoilt for choice.  Teamed together with Alfresco Life branded robes and towels all you’ll need to do is close your eyes and open your senses.

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